John W. Mann Firm​

Expert Guidance and Support for Personal Injury Cases

Compassionate Legal Representation Tailored to Your Personal Injury Needs

Expert Representation

Angie Martinetti offers seasoned legal expertise in personal injury law, ensuring dedicated advocacy tailored to your needs.

Personalized Guidance

Receive compassionate support and individualized attention throughout your personal injury case.

Proven Success

Trust in Angie Martinetti Legal Services' track record of securing fair compensation and achieving justice for clients.

The Right Lawyer

Makes All The Difference

I am a personal injury attorney who is dedicated to providing excellent legal support to individuals who have been harmed due to the negligence of others. At the law firm of John W Mann Firm Personal Injury, we understand the difficulties and life-changing consequences that can occur as a result of an accident or injury. That is why we are fully committed to offering compassionate advocacy and personalized advice for our clients as they navigate their path to recovery.

We strongly believe that each client deserves special attention and customized representation. Our knowledgeable team takes the necessary time to comprehend the unique circumstances of each case, ensuring that we develop a well-thought-out strategy that best suits our client’s needs and maximizes their chances of obtaining justice and fair compensation. Recognizing the gravity of our client’s situations, we work tirelessly to achieve the most favorable outcome, utilizing our proven track record of success and expertise in personal injury law.

If you have experienced a personal injury and are in need of legal representation, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to assist you. By taking advantage of our complimentary consultation, you can discuss your case with us, gain valuable insights, and have any questions you may have answered. Let John W Mann Firm Personal Injury Law Firm guide you through the complex legal system, fighting alongside you to secure the compensation that you rightfully deserve.

Our Practice Areas

Mass Torts Representation

Providing dedicated legal support for individuals affected by mass torts...

Personal Injury Law

Advocating for clients who have suffered physical or emotional harm due to...

Product Liability

Expertise in holding manufacturers, distributors, and retailers accountable for...

Toxic Tort Litigation

Specializing in cases involving injuries or illnesses resulting from exposure...

Pharmaceutical Litigation

Representing individuals harmed by the negligence of pharmaceutical...

Environmental Injury Claims

Assisting those who have suffered health issues due to exposure to harmful environmental...

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